As one of the first companies in Israel to adopt ISO standards, Loboprint views its product quality as an essential component in the reputation the company has achieved. The Quality Control department maintains round the clock monitoring of the entire production process, and it is able to discover and report any malfunction immediately.

The main production hall maintains a “clean room” cleanliness level, as is required only in the pharmaceutical industry. A huge filtering system retains positive air pressure by "inflating" the hall with clean air at a 95% level - round the clock, 7 days a week. This system ensures a controlled environment - from the moment raw material enters the hall until the finished products are packaged and readied for shipment. 

Certificates and standards: Loboprint upholds the 531 standard, has been certified ISO9001:2008and HACCP food safety management system. 





Loboprint is one of the first flexible packaging manufacturers in the country to have installed an RTO Thermal Oxidation System. This system prevents the pollution of the environment as a result of printing machines emissions.  The system conforms with the strictest standards of the Ministry of the Environment and the European Union. 

In addition, the RTO Thermal Oxidation system has a unique feature which was developed in collaboration with the German supplier. The system utilizes the heat energy produced during the burning of solvents to heat oil for the drying tunnels of the printing machines, thereby achieving significant savings in electricity.