Loboprint views itself as a company that is first and foremost service-oriented. A clear policy of client based services, founded on regular communication and interaction with every client is a cornerstone of Loboprint. 

Customer care is Personal - from the concept stage to its implementation. The Client Relations Department is composed of a team that accompanies the customers; understand their needs, emphases, schedules and delivery times. 

From concept stage to implementation of every project, the focus is always on the customer’s needs. Loboprint’s Client Relations Department consists of a team that stands with the customer - understanding requirements, accommodating special needs and respecting schedules and delivery times. 


Working without stock – "Just in Time" supply chain (JIT) 

Over the years, Loboprint has recognized its customers’ needs for maintaining small amounts stock. To meet this need, Loboprint adopted a method for supplying packaging directly to the client's production lines - "just in time" – JIT. Using this method, clients are able to perform their work with minimum stock, thereby dramatically saving both the cost of financing the inventory and the cost of storage.

The JIT strategy has created a clear advantage for Loboprint’s clients, and has accentuated the uniqueness of Loboprint in the flexible packaging industry in Israel.